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BBW Travel was formed in 2002 by me, Jo-Ellen Hodgkins.  As a result of being a BBW for my entire adult life and being sick of sitting behind a desk as an accountant, I wanted to do something more with my life.  The only pre-requisite was that it needed to be FUN!  I am a fully trained, fully insured and bonded travel agent that owns and operates a Home Based Agency.  For almost 7 years, I have been planning travel for others and traveling alot on my own.  Why else would I do this if I wasn't going to get to travel.  I am either on a cruise ship or in a Caribbean Island approximately every 6 weeks.  I spend this time wisely.  I am always on the look-out for hotels for my guests (ones that will serve the needs of plus size folks), the best cruise accomodations and the most size friendly islands.  I have friends that I have met on my journies on almost every Caribbean Island. I am also blessed to have met wonderful people form Spain, London, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Panama, Austrailia and of course the United States.In addition to being a travel agent, I am also a musical agent for 3 Caribbean bands; one from Jamaica (of course), one from Trinidad and a new band from Granada.  So, you can expect to see me dancing and singing if I happen to be at the same resort or on the same cruise ship with you.  After all, life is short and it's all about the journey. 

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